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The Ray

I watch watch watch
the light light light
running by the walls walls walls

searching out the corners
to uncover their riddle

how it climbs to the ceiling
sparkling the crystals of the lamp

I get lost in its travel
even loving you like I do

overwhelmed by the words
that come from your mouth
as if they were an avalanche
that buries your life and mine x2

But but but today
I am dissolved
I am a speck of dust amongst that dust
suspended in a ray of sun

I can no longer be
the foothold to move your world
even loving you like I do

Onacarom Techno

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Electric Fusion Guitar Music - Passaje - Open 23 hours - Saturn - Spider

Electric Fusion - Passaje
Electric Fusion - Open 23 hours
Electric Fusion - Saturn
Electric Fusion - Spider

Onacarom Techno

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Smooth Surreal Music - The Saint, Tarzan and Alice’s Cat

I was a child
I wanted
to be a Saint
to feel
the ecstasy of dying

I wanted to be
a missionary
to go
there and there
and everywhere

I wanted to be a visionary
able to see without eyes

I wanted to be Tarzan
to call out to elephants

I wanted to be to be
Alice's cat to have his smile
a magic hat
to fly from a bald head
to the next one

A cow cow cow
who watches
the passing trains
from the meadow

a lion
the lies of life with his roarrrrr

Now now now
I am only
2 feathers
one that writes
another that flies