Oct 16th -Oct 27th 2021


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DAY1:Saturday oct 16th :1rst day,was so happy to be on holiday escaping office duty as it was very busy last 3 days with some production incident my last day making me leave office 1 hour later.
Ibiza small f***ing islandy neighbor was my former boss on plane ,so i ve made him to to do list for his 1rst ibiza trip.
When landing in ibza i had an issue with Goldcar as they find the 1rst détail making me pay more such because my id expiré 2018 (u add 5 years more in France so available til 23,they never trick me last year but told me that its not available in spain..i didnt change my card as i didnt expect to go to ibz this year until early october with new announcements),we can still let u taking the car if paying full insurance 250€.
No problemo but my card didnt work as i forgot to activate eu zone (can do only with mobile app and not on a web ,thing i realise at night).
Quiet stressful i went to other company ,no car left and the 3rd one Europcar has à car and gave me a seat Arona even my card was not activate for europe but they succeed making me pay 340€ 11 days (other booking was 111€ +20€).
That rides from airport to San an makes u realize that they were no nightlige in iibz this year with no billkiards for ibz2021 parties
For check in at Adelino Hotel i forgot my drums in à sofa,and rush from room to see that it was put behind the desk
1rst scary moment for this ibz trip.
I went to supermarket in front of Hôtel,suma and try to pay with my card n it didnt work.
The staff bring back my toilet bag forgotten aug 2020 ,value 40€ with my shaver,naii cutter,i was so happyvto get it back that the 300€ lost for car is part of history and have my smile back ,u r in ibz,lets get ready to party.
I had à visit to es pollastre shop to buy food to leave.
I spend 2 hours calling bank to activate my card for eu zone until i try (i was told i will be call back on monday) to set it up with my cellphone and it works perfectly.
With only 300€ cash it will be tough to stay 11 days..
I check my whatsappgroup in order to know who will be at octan:
1 netherland mate
1 new netheland ibz virgin that should be the one that follows me as in San cala de bou
1 new ibz solo french girl
1 new ibz solo virgin uk with indian roots
See u all on the danceflloor after à good dinner at es rebost de can prat for their 25€ menu,i call them to book n pick netherland bloke around Axel beach hôtel.
The food was good from thé 25€ menu
Pan y aïoli.
got starters with shrimps n and sobrasada (gambas on crujiente de sobrasada ) and arroz meloso de pulpo y calabaza
Deutch took other choice so we could share.
As dessert croquetas queso de cabrera y membrillos
30€ meal is very Good value there.
Eating 2 hours b4 partying is not A good idea.
Driving from San an to octan,makes u realize its totally empty after midnight..at least there are clubs otherwise kind of boring holidays..
I land at Octan for las dos mix ,Nice house tech house, not a lot of people on the dancefloor ,lot were at roof for drinking/smoking..
Netheland mate join ,its been à while since i havent seen him ibz19 Zoo project party ,with the other 3 solo people making à pack of 5 people.
Some ligh were blinding there, i should bring my shades as we knock our head with dutch mate..
TECH house played by Anna Tur was Nice
House music by john acquaviva was Nice but far from my définition of kicking house,..
Place was not so busy 200-300people on dancefloor, i havent checked if there was à dj in bathroom
5h00am end of the party,got back to San an and dropped netherand ibz solo virgi n 2 other people ibz town
A little recovery snack b4 sleeping 2-3 hours ,i cant sleep in ibz 6-7 hours in à row unless veaten to death...Screenshot_20211016-225014_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20211107-114931_Gallery.jpg
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Day2:the day with 3 uk mates (UK spotlight met ibz 17) there for an extendend weekend including dc10 2 part
A ride to estanco san joan 10h00, with the rain, i was hesitating caseras hierbas or not for the whole trip?
i finally made decision to go to north , didnt knew there was a market on sunday, so a nightmare to park ur car, at a point u have to make a u turn, quiet dangerous with big gap on side of the road, so i take option to step back my car...
Sa trinxa on sunday was cancelled as it was raining hard that day, we were just praying no more rain for Cova Santa closing (30€ to booked on their website and paying too) with Eagles and butteflies+ Agoria.
keep on texting trying to convince ibz solo virgins but finally just one was in,taking a bus from ibz town to san an (the bus station very close to my hotel) ,it was far better experience than eden/octan vibes and i went with , Dancing in outdoor aera is priceless.
So a ride with 5 people from san an to cova stanta around 8h00 pm as we were supposed to get there by 8pm, quiet early as i know cova start filling after 10pm but still nice to enjoy some beats even with only 20people dancing...we were lucky to have vip parking, i guess a mistake by staff thinking we book a table ...
Eagles and butterflies set was good, some nomad House , for the No video policy, the thing that made me laugh is it doesnt apply to people on dj booth..some people were taking videos from the dancefloor but were told to stop by staff, i had a issue battery (hone last only 2hours with data network) so i couldnt make much pictures videos, standing more by mates with a working cellphone
Agoria set was nice too but we didnt stay until the end as saving stamina for Dc10 party on monday
We left by 1h00am but on the way to hotel mates didnt want to to go bed so they told me to dropp in front of linekes bars (thing they gonna regret the day of dc10 😵)
Late dinner with my food to leave and Bed time 😴
ps:u got this on my IG story with "special soundtrack" as opposed to cheezy ones u may heard in 90% of stories with same tunes..
IBZ2021 closing partiesScreenshot_20211107-115042_Gallery.jpg
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Day 3:circoloco round 2
We (me and 3 uk mates ) left hotel around 1h30pm with drinks (water ,beers n hierbas) n food to leave n ice in the trunk and found dc10 closed, we went to PDB,mates wanted to have lunch so i drop them , rest a little bit b4 having a ride to dc10, spot italian bloke livin in london, landed from airport with bag full of drinks in front of dc10 door (1rst raver in the queu), swap details and gave hime some ice.
Back to PDB until he text me, parking is opened around 2h50pm, so i text mates and pick them around jet appt where they had a pizza.
We queue with our bags of drinks for nearly 2 hours , i was interviewed by TV eivissa y formentera , (if anyone found a link of the broadcast, let me know), until they let people enter:4h50pm, pack was split as me n other mate was the last 2 people from 1rst wave allowed to enter dc10 for the 2nd queue (close to dc10)
One mate didnt has his covid as loosing his cellphone last night after going wild 1rs day on drinks :spank: but paint is your best friend 😆 and they told me yhere was an issue with UK qrcode...
Tania vulcano beats were nice (it lacks some kicking groove/classics)
O bee vs tomas was very good
Locodice ,his less boring set i heard from him in ibz but the cheezy reggeaton hip hop, rnb vibes , Do we have to suffer this?
1 french girl n netherland ibz virgin , join me after midnight as they decide to go there around 10pm..
Set troxler b2b martinez bro, 40mn queuing between main room into Terrace , always boring AF, i went back to main room for HAAI, not my kind but still nice, i was expecting more kicking beats from apollonia but its kind mellow...
not along best dc10 party i attended but it was nice to share it with 3 mates that left dc10 around 2h00am , at least netherland mate was there, i dont know how many he spent on drinks but maybe 150€+ following his state of minds (bring him back to his hotel in pdb n 2 netherland girls too )
No social distancing,No mask as we may expect ,and 75% capacity i don't think so 🤣 as it was really rammy in terrace ,garden was full too, same for main room.
Not sure ill spend 80€ with a lineup that match 20% of my expectations, most important thing was to share vibes with mates (pre party drinks), i havent seen since closing 19, that book their extended weekend for this event.IMG_20211112_155611.jpg
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Time to get ibz out of my minds for a few months in finishing this review
Day4:Chill out day, my favourite restaurant for menu del dia ,cafe Cervantes was shut along my stay (for personal reasons) dinner at can pilot with chuleton de bue, with UK spotlight mate coming back from dropping other mates at aiport around 8h30pm

Day5 menu del dia 10€ with paella at Benitez restaurante (paella better than es ventall/rias baixas , a place i wont go anymore)
a visit at time n space sculpture to make a visit to spotlight uk mate then purple sunset at cala escondita , bar was full, wanted to have my 1rst cocktail ,at least we had our fresh beers from supermarket on my beachbag
Restaurant ses roques was closed, so a dinner at es rebost was the answer
Es rebost eivissa sabors video
We ride to ibz harbor around 11pm, it was shut (Ghostown with everything shutting b4 midnight ),the only ice cream amaxxxx shop was on way to shut , we had our own beers (looks like im used to this, a saver, less than 0,40€ ct the can 😆 ) in front of el galeon ship then back to pacha parking then san an

Day6 Oct 21
menu del dia at benitez restaurante 10€ with netherland mate, got my fantastico wavefans (the tall one is very strong and a saver in clubs) delivered around cala de bou
no one from the whatasappgroup were willing to go to Eden, uk spotlight mate rush back home while he was supposed to stay one more day (paranoia crisis? as he was supposed to go with me to eden, miss 2 planes that night and forgot a can vidal bottles full at 75% at the hotel ,didnt succeed to get it back..)
The party was very good but quiet empty dancefloor until 1h30am...its far from eden 2019 with only 200people? far from the thousand in 2019 along defected parties...
Bushwacka played along best sets i heard along those closing parties
eli rojas ,nice set
Davina moss , very good set n for 1rst time, didnt like Dfex set..
it was raining hard around 5h00am , i drop back one contact to westend and other uk girl (group of 3 people including someone working for ibz spotlight) i met through fb (friend of very good contact that goes very hard on her 1rst day 😆 )

Day7: Oct 22 amnesia Opening, it was raining a little bit the morning, lot of mud in amnesia P, the party was very good (Syreeta alex Kennon,skream, Marco Faraone b2b Dennis cruz ), 3rd dimension /outdoor dancefloor and terrace
i gave my token drink to uk girl as i dont drink in clubs, i saw Francisco in oudoor place and gave him gingers and hamburger.
i made contacts with pack of french/dj parisian people (the one that told me they include me on their list for amnesia after party with Waff/richy Ahmed)
I guess its that time i met @freakstar calling my name in the chilling zone of amnesia...

Day8:amnesia closing, i went there with @freakstar with some pre drinking in the car b4 entering amnesia around 6h30pm
@TiffyBennett1 spot me, , i thought u were taller the reason i didnt recognise u at 1rst, hope u enjoyed the party
Music was really good main room but the dancefloor was empty with 2-3 people..along brandon block alex P set...this is when you realize average people are really not into House/classic House but more Techno/Tech house/EDM..
young marco set was very good in outdoor aera
Sydney Charles Seb Zito was very good,didnt like richy ahmed set, neither the blessed madonna, jamie jones made me leave the place at 3h00 am i was done
i went to have a listen in main room (Deborah de lucah, Marco faraone, NO Adam beyer as its really not my cup of tea ), not enough stamina to enjoy the fast bpm there but i recognise it was better than Jamie jones horrible beats....
some girl was giving amnesia tshirts in the outdoor aera , i got blue one...
when leaving amnesia P, there were some cars stuck in the mud and some still there day +1
i went to afterparty around san rafael,(famous place for after parties beside fancy villas) price was 35€+ 1 drink, but thanks to other french dj i met that day, i went for free as he knew the owner of the place (had to call him and give his phone to staff door that didnt want to allow me to get in for free).
it didnt last ,as cops showed 10mn after , wot a pity as music (played by french dj Morgan dora, i met ibz 12 along his 1rst year) was kicking and far better than all big names djs at amnesia.
Francisco was at the afterparty, my bet is to follow Francisco as he is aware of all places to go.

Day9: Sa Trinxa vibes with freakstar and netherland mate
flip flop was the answer as lot of water holes in Salinas P
Those salt de ibz crisp, fresh beers and jack daniels with coke were tasty.
Franco Moiraghi still nice as long u dont experience it 2 times in a row as i suspect him to have always 90% of same playlist...
Ending that day with dinner at can pilot, i should tell them not to add salt of my churascos meat as it was really too much salty ...

Day10 Dc closing.
went there with french mate living in BCN that landed the morning just for this party
We queue from 3 pm to 4h30pm , this time only water was allowed withing ur bag..
garden was very good sossa, sven and even set troxler that play a set i enjoy for the very 1rst time as he always bored me..
i met lot of ravers i saw past ibz trips.
Butch was really good with house set, Maceo plex too , if he can avoid to play that rnb track that he play at all events..
Peggy gou beats made me leaving the terrace
it was so busy i diddnt try to go back for solomun, adriatique in main room is not really some beats im looking for as i already saw them in paris early oct..Damian lazarus is not really the djs i worship , so around 3am i was done ,hanging in the garden, having chat....
5h00am i drop mate to airport, i went back to pick netherland mate at dc10 and went to after party in cala conte 50€ with 1 drink
i dont think it was the official dc10 after party...we stay 2 hours and left...

Day11Keep on dancing with Freakstar (i guess without motivation from other mate i will stay at hotel that night ).
Nice party.

Day 12: back home with 50€ red ham including the one that cost 270€/Kg and 130.€ of chorizo n red ham at duty free

See u in ibz as it all happens there (less talking n more actions with lot of mates i havent' seen since ibz 19 closing, i felt sorry for those that plan ibz n don't had the parties on their menu)...hibernation mode, don't even mention party, im done....Life the old fart way 🤫
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Great review, you are a good dude!! Thank you for taking me to the gas station after Octan when I was ‘tired’ and negotiating the police.I remember that I need to give you back 5 euors for my cigarettes! You will get that next time