nostrum's mid-season report


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thanks everyone for your nice answers! 8)

I do miss Mick's Free Parties info though :(

good hint man! let's see if i can put something together anytime soon ;)

what does "boshy" mean?

hard bouncing trance music. basically more beats than melodies.

see you in 1 week on the island! 8)

yay! (are you bringing your cyberstuff again???)

Great post but what did he mean by 'stamps at 5am'?

some clubs give you a stamp (on your arm) from a certain time and with this you can go out of the club and then in back again!

Thank you for your reviews. I'm going out there August 13-23 ( first time in peak peak season) and looking forward to it...

What time have you been arriving at the clubs as you say the queues are massive by 3:00 am?

You going to be at Cocoon, DC10 and Carl Cox August 13, 14 and August 20 and 21?

well, there was cocoon last week (july 23) and we arrived shortly before 3am and waited for ages until we got in. definitely would recommend people to arrive at about 2am for cocoon. carl cox on aug 14 looks like a definite must-go for me, i love michel de hey! for the rest - don't know yet. hopefully see you out here!

Hey Nostrum.. did you go to Renaissance last night?

no, unfortunately not. BUT, i know now that a vodka lemon in amnesia sets you back 15€...
u mention stamps under pacha and amnesia,september will my 7th trip to the island i have NO idea what ur talking about lol ..u mean stamp so u can leave and get back in???