lodging and work this summer



OK everybody I'm coming over to Ibiza from the US and I need to know if I need to have a place to stay when I first get there or how you find other people to stay with and where can I get a job? Is it going to be harder being an American?
Thanks to anyone who can help.
hi cheris,

the best thing to do would be to contact the spanish embassy in US and ask for exact requirements

good luck
If this is your first time coming to Ibiza...from anywhere in the world,then we salute you and welcome you...to Ibiza...
There are many ways to find suitable accommodation...
The cheapest option is to bring a tent or even better...just appear in an old van...there are many beautiful campsites all over Ibiza...
But you have to be very careful,for real!!!
There are a lot of shady characters on the island...charlatans and con men(confidence tricksters)
Ibiza Playlist 2024...
1. Arlon Guthrie...a/..Coming into Los Angeles..
..... . 2 Jefferson Airplane.
3.Neil Young.
4. Always Bobby Dylan.
Peace,Love and Respect.
MrMojoRisin...reporting live from the Mexican border.
Jimmy,what is the general opinion on Spotlight and all over Ibiza....do the people want the Americans and Italians,on the island.
Obviously,the signals are getting mixed up...but we have to give people,especially new people ,to the island ,this summer,2024, the proper advice or everybody will just stick to the typical tourist spots,instead of going all over the island,surely.
It probably looks like the cheapest ways to come to the island...is through last minute package deals or through old school travel agents,because the flight prices are about to get very expensive,as you know!...we are approaching the high season,mate👍
For example...The Spanish government used to look after their pensioners to such a degree that they sent them on holiday,all expenses paid ..to tourist places,like Benidorm...does anyone know if that is still happening.
You really have no idea about what happens in ibiza since a few years for people trying to live there in tent or vans?
In the campos they do !...I know what happens in Ibiza...don't worry about that ...We are getting updates all the time,and this is the time to hopefully end up with the best summer ever...It is also the holiday makers with families who are asking for answers also...We love Ibiza😁
Space...Happy People in the Morning🇪🇸
Obviously...Ibiza will not accept The Message,then.
This is a global movement..a world-wide fellowship...so that's it then.
Good luck...we have spent too much time already trying to cut through all the games people are playing,if they can't even turn their Smartphones off for 2 hours during a meeting,how are they going to survive for 12 hours in a club then without a phone !! ,if they won't give up their Smartphones,even for 2 hours !!!...then that's it..
End of message,goodbye.