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    The previous hotels thread has been going for more than one year so it's a good time to start a fresh new one. And what a better way to start than with a classic: Hotel Apartamentos El Puerto, which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary...

    :arrow: Ibiza Spotlight's hotel guide
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    The integral remodeling project for El Puerto, which will be upgraded from 2 to 4 stars, was presented yesterday and the works started today.


    Open all year round and located in one of the best areas of Ibiza Town, just a few meters from the port, El Puerto will reopen in may 2019 as a 4-star with 241 rooms (211 standard, 21 suites and 9 accessible) instead of the 195 it has at the moment (55 2-key apartment rooms and 140 2-star hotel rooms), although the capacity won't increase and 423 will continue being the maximum number of guests.

    Among the complementary services on offer, the hotel will have solarium, pool, gym, spa, 3 restaurants, 2 coffees, 2 terraces, 4 conference halls and parking. For that purpose, it will have around 1.670 square meters more with new volumes built and the addition of the commercial premises on the ground floor, which will be integrated with the hotel. It is expected that after the 2019 season an infinity pool and a restaurant will be built on the rooftop.

    Juan Riera Torres, co-owner of the hotel, and Adrián Bedoya Mey, the architect

    The architect in charge of the project, Adrián Bedoya Mey (who started working on it two year ago), did a great job with the old Mar Y Playa 2, which became One Ibiza Suites, and is also the man in charge of the reform of the Figueretas promenade.

    As explained by co-owner Juan Riera Torres (also behind Ibiza Rocks Hotel), the reform not only will transform the building but also aims to promote a quality improvement in the neighborhood. Let's remember that something that makes this huge building unique is the fact that it covers an entire block with four street frontages.

    The new hotel, whose facilities will be open to the general public, seeks to be a meeting place where music, exhibitions, events and presentations will come alive.

    These images will give you an idea of what it will look like once the reform is finished:


    Read more about El Puerto on Spotlight in english, german, spanish and now also italian.
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    After 41 years closed, Hotel Portmany in San Antonio (1933-1977) will reopen next spring as a 4-star aparthotel with six 40m2 apartments. La Cantina Portmany below will be replaced by La Cantina Canalla, a new nikkei restaurant.

    Not only it was the first hotel to open in San Antonio but also one of the very first on the island, along with Gran Hotel in Ibiza town (later known as Montesol) and Hotel Buenavista in Santa Eulalia.

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    Getting a form with the price of roca hotel , san an
    it's written 40€ for august (30€ for october :cool:)but when u see price for august with booking or their website price is 100€/day
    when u add second people they didnt x2 the price but 1/3

    Does it means price 40€ available, only with no online booking? going at Desk?

    I got nice adress san jordi (30€ air con, kitchen,fridge, not airbnb) given by czech girl but i keep it private

    July aug prices are really CRAZY at all levels :eek:

    i just spot the hotel some rich irish girl i met was

    Seven pines resort :eek:
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    I stayed in Mar I Vents this year, they've definitely done it up a bit, it's a lot nicer than when I last stayed there in 2012.
    Felt a lot more modern. Still no oven in the Kitchenette sadly :(
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    According to Periodico de Ibiza, between 12 and 15 San Antonio hotels will be renovated this winter and there will be two new ones, including the 4-star boutique hotel next to the church.

    "San Antonio keeps renovating and investing and we believe that by offering higher quality hotels we can change the profile of the tourist that comes to the municipality", the president of the San Antonio hoteliers said.
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    I lived there one week in the 80´s,August/September while it was open???
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    Do we know which ones will be renovated?
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    A san an ushuaia I heard...
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    Google translator for the top bit of Piscis Park

    :lol: sounds about right from when I stayed there on my first ever trip.
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    Thats the kind of rennovation San An needs, simple, clean, modern but without turnin the gaff into a pretencious fake VIP affair
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    I think the all the clubs should should give the island a break like.Glastonbury did this year....even for 2 or 3 years..
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    Piscis Park always had the essence and build of a urban government housing project in the US. I think they need to remodel more than the interior.
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