Gone But Not Forgotten: Ibiza Parties and Clubs

The best Ibiza party I ever went to took place in the summer of 2010 - a wild, chaotic extravaganza of a week which reached its zenith at the Putumayo Café, when one of the Gypsy Kings performed in the porch followed by Kelvin from Sure is Pure belting out the best tunes (everything from Uner and Soul Clap through to Frankie Goes to Hollywood). Everyone was going nuts for the music and was absolutely battered in that way where just about anything could happen next. The lovely old Dutch guy who ran it totally lost control and people were dancing on chairs, tables.. The night culminated in some of the stragglers dropping acid and then trying to drive a campervan down a lane and breaking down and getting rescued by local farmers.
I only ever did one mid/late September before his closing party @ Space. It wasn’t 2012, but a good sample. I wonder whose kid was stood on the speaker? 😎

That my friend is young Raffy Chester at the time dancing on the speaker.. He is 16/17yrs old now! Great friends with his folks, Charlie & Jo
One of the biggest things I miss from the Ibiza of old (late 90s early 00s) was the early morning bars after the clubs. The New Star, Unity, Blue Lagoon, Garden of Eden, Can Vinya. Good times!
Okay , lets do it : Cocoon ( specially the early ones ) Time is running.

Akasha was nice , last year. But it was something different.
All great nights
Roger Sanchez Release Yourself, Underwater and Yoshitoshi at Pacha
Godskitchen Amnesia (Fergie resident)

Not a club but pre-parties at the coastline
My all time favs from back in the day...
We love at Space 8am - 6am pre the 2008 time changes, when you could get a pass to go out to Bora Bora
Circo Loco at DC10 6am - 7pm pre the 2008 time changes! Thinking back to then its a totally different club to what it is now
Subliminal at Pacha
Meganite at Privilege
Enter at Space
Mornings at Space - In bed with... Matinee, Manumission etc

Bar M
Coastline - what is this now? not been up that way for a long time

Sankeys was always good, I remember once going to an acid house/old skool night there once which was excellent, think it was called I Love 1989 or something? And obviously Viva Warriors!
Lots of the above I love, but a few smaller ones that I loved too....

Monza @ Privilege 2008/09 as it was when I first started going to Ibiza a lot. Used to fly out Thursday, dump bags, on to Privilege

Kehakuma @ Space 2010/11 - again on a Thursday and for most of the season was just the Terraza - some amazing nights there. It then merged into ENTER.Kehakuma for a few years

Luciano/Cadenza @ Pacha 2010-12 - Still divides opinion as he changed his sound a bit - but easy to forget before he went there Pacha was really not playing much of this type of music. For me this brought a lot of new folks into Pacha, even got some of us away from Space Sundays, his guests were amazing, and then paved the way for Solomun, and all those other nights since. And of course Solomun grew Sundays from 2013 to present to stratospheric levels - but (for me) it started with Luciano back in 2010!