Es Vedra


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I am staying in Niu Blau in the Santa Eulalia area this July. I am going to head over to see Es Vedra at Cala Dhort for the first time since visiting Ibiza which I'm excited about. I believe its about 50 mins drive away so I am thinking of getting a taxi. Are there any spots you would recommend for the best view of Es Vedra, how to get there etc? Any help would be massively appreciated. Are there any recommendations of places to see on the way back? might as well make a trip of it.


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You can go all the way to Cala d'Hort beach and then walk all the way back via the car park, it's not a short walk but it's pretty easy with amazing views of the rock or you can ask to be dropped at the mirador sign. still on the way to CdH and walk down that straight path.


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This^^ and a couple things to add...

I’ve done that drive loads of times and yeah it can be about an hour give or take

If you’re getting a taxi you might aswel make a day of it at the beach then head to ‘viewpoint’ for sunset if thats what you’re looking for