Drink Prices 2019


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Agreed that Ibiza alcohol prices aren’t that outrageous relative to super clubs in other European cities. I was paying £12 for double JD and coke in fabric the other week for example.

Then again, I suppose the difference there is they hand out cups of water for free.

At the end of the day though, as long as people keep paying it these prices for water, they will keep charging it. Makes no sense not to, especially as it’s (I’m assuming) the most commonly brought drink in Ibiza clubs.
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My view on the prices is I don't mind paying in the big clubs, where you are in a 'famous' venue who are paying big name artists big money to perform.

I also don't mind paying where the atmosphere or view is top class, such as the sunset at Cafe Mambo or the harbourside in Ibiza Town.

Its the bog standard, no view, no DJ, little atmosphere bars who charge big prices that are the biggest issue. Most commonly found in Bossa, the San An bars mostly keep it real.


Beer 10
Hierbas (con Hielo) 10
Mixer 15

edit #2:
water 9 (confirmed, asked yesterday)
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Heftier than I would have guessed. Especially water if that’s confirmed. But then again the owners seem to have done a great job turning things around there, bringing big “brands” back to San Antonio, so I guess they’re entitled to charge as much as the rest of them to recoup their investment and continue that success.