> Dorado Live Shows @ Santos 2020 [6 dates]


Joven Dolores is the latest project of multi-instrumentist and producer Joan Barbé Roig and singer David Serra, two well-known local artists involved in some of the island's most important bands such as Statuas De Sal (the biggest pop rock combo to ever come out of the island), Ressonadors (responsible for bringing back traditional Ibiza and Formentera songs to a whole new generation, adapted to a contemporary sound) or Projecte Mut (folk rock). Just with the fanbase of these two it would have been more than enough to fill the venue and to hang the sold out sign so many people regreted not buying tickets earlier and having to miss it. For this new adventure they adopted a more indie sound reminiscent of acts like Two Door Cinema Club, debuting last year with the album Galopa los días.

This time they played an acoustic set as a duo (tonight they'll do a full band show at the Recinto Ferial), featuring "Optimista", "Más palabras" and "Tocarte" among others but the highlights were the non-album tracks "Sé que estás ahí" (written as the theme song for the popular TV program Diarios de la cuarentena) and "Merecer" (their version of Pearl Jam's "Better man" with different lyrics). Short but sweet.


Like Los Zigarros, this week's guests are also from Valencia. La Habitación Roja is one of the biggest and longest-running indie pop bands in Spain, with a 25-year career and a long discography, including two albums recorded in the USA under the guidance of the founding member of influential 80s noise rock band Big Black and superstar producer Steve Albini (Pixies' Surfer rosa, Nirvana's In utero, PJ Harvey's Rid of me, Neurosis, Mono, etc). It was their first time playing on the island although the singer Jorge Martí said he had been here before ages ago as he has family living in Ibiza. By the way, make sure to watch the documentary In the middle of Norway dedicated to him if you get the chance.

Jose, Marc, Pau, Endika and the mentioned Jorge played a full electric show instead of an acoustic set (I'm sure no one complained about it!) and, to my surprise, sounded much more energetic than on the records. Favourite moments included "El eje del mal", "Voy a hacerte recordar", "Ayer" and the stripped-down version of "Indestructibles". But the moment of the night was when during their new classic "Quiero" (one of the various singles they've been dropping the last months) the singer, without a guitar in his hands, left the stage and started singing and dancing around the pool. So much fun.


Hats off to the Concept Hotel Group team for their hard work, fighting against all the bureaucracy involved in making those few hours of live music possible. Next week Dorado Live Shows moves to Ibiza Rocks Hotel for one night only...


La Habitación Roja setlist:
1 Nuevos románticos
2 La segunda oportunidad
3 Un día perfecto
4 Volverás a brillar
5 Berlín
6 Nunca ganaremos el mundial
7 Cuando te hablen de mí
8 La noche se vuelve a encender
9 Líneas en el cielo
10 La edad de oro
11 El eje del mal
12 Quiero
13 Febrero
14 La moneda en el aire
15 Voy a hacerte recordar
16 Madrid
17 Ayer
18 Indestructibles


Back to Dorado Live Shows for some more live music after having to miss the previous date with Amaia, famous for winning the Operación Triunfo television contest in 2017 and representing Spain at Eurovision in 2018.

Over time, these series of concerts that started as acoustic shows are slowly turning into semi-electric shows, full-on electric in some cases. That's what happened with yesterday's opening band, who delivered a fully plugged show.

Billy Flamingos, who already opened for Carolina Durante, were asked to play again at Santos this summer. Well deserved as they're one of the local bands with a bigger following and even got to play at the Mallorca Live Festival last year. Guillermo, Mariano, Adrián and Miquel played stuff from their self-titled debut album published in 2017, like "Tu decepción", "Contigo" or the thundering "Delirios" with Guillermo riffing away on top of the little bridge that crosses the swimming pool, and some new songs too. Just pure, unadulterated raw rock and roll. Loved it.


Having formed 15 years ago, the indie pop band from Madrid Miss Caffeina has four EPs and four albums under their belt. Their latest release, Oh Long Johnson (2019), went straight to the number one position on the spanish album charts.

For their debut on the island, Alberto, Sergio, Álvaro, Antonio and Román
de sure their fans could hear all the fave tunes: "Modo avión", the brilliant "Venimos", "Detroit", "Mi rutina preferida", "Ausentes presentes", a slightly different "Capitán" (accompanied by hand-clapping!), "Calambre", "El rescate", "Cola de pez", "Eres agua", "Ácido", "Prende", "Merlí", "Reina", etc. When we all thought it was over, a pumping "Mira cómo vuelo" kicked in making it impossible to stay seated anymore. A perfect ending for their last concert of the summer season, that had from electro pop moments to mellow acoustic moments (especially remarkable when they sat at the edge of the stage) and even a totally unexpected cover of "Is this love" by Whitesnake. Surprisingly good.



· 6th August - Los Zigarros+Uncle Sal
Update: the duo Slim & Whylan will be the opening act instead of Uncle Sal.
Uncle Sal are now celebrating there their 10th anniversary concert (originally scheduled to take place at Can Jordi) this saturday.

Uncle Sal 10th Anniversary at Santos Ibiza

Uncle Sal originated in September 2010 when four friends who were passionate about rock and roll decided to give shape to some of their own songs that the singer and guitarist Soulman Sal had written. Now it is just ten years since that time, and in those ten years the band He has released three albums (Little Cabin Music, You Ain't No Bluesman and The American Dream) and has played countless times on different stages in Ibiza, as well as in venues and festivals throughout Spain.

What started out as simple fun has ended up gaining recognition from magazines and specialized websites and from a large part of the public of the underground American rock scene in Spain ... but the main thing is that, for these four friends, making music continues to be fun .

This Saturday we will celebrate in Santos Ibiza the 10 years of the band with an unprecedented concert.

8pm in Santos Ibiza.

Free entry per list.



This was my first time seeing local trio Amalian Folk live. They play a fusion of styles, basing their set on traditional folk songs from different countries like Portugal, Bulgaria, etc. An original proposal that worked a treat.


As usual, Colin Peters' set in between bands was as eclectic as expected and he even played Paco de Lucía. Top bloke, top dj.

I was quite impressed by the crowd's reaction when I saw El Kanka at the
Sueños de Libertad festival as I didn't realize he had such a big following. It's undeniable his feel-good music, much needed in times like these, transmits positivity and joy to the audience.

Juan Gómez Canca started his career in 2007 and has released four albums and an EP so far, mixing flamenco, reggae, rap, rumba and more. The singer and songwriter from Málaga has been lucky and had plenty of dates throughout this strange summer (this one was the concert number 33). We heard "Sabéis quiénes sois", "Qué bello es vivir", "Me alegra la vista", "Querría", "Zamba para mi padre", "Volar", "A dieta de dietas", "Sí que puedes", "Canela en rama", the witty "Lo mal que estoy (y lo poco que me quejo)", "A desobedecer", "Me gusta", the popular "Andalucía" and many others songs with lyrics loaded with social meaning. Good vibes all around.


If all goes according to plan, there's still one more Dorado Live Shows date around 8/9/10 of october (TBA) instead of october 2nd as originally announced. In the meantime, Uncle Sal will be gracing the Santos stage for the fifth time tomorrow...


El Kanka said:
Estar un día libre en Ibiza ha sido lo más cerca de las vacaciones que he estado este año. Eso es debido a muchas cosas, pero en gran parte a la amabilidad, generosidad y buen hacer de un buen grupo de isleños que nos ha acogido como si nos quisiera. ?
Gracias por el trato (y por la camisa) a �Diego Calvo� de Santos Ibiza y a su equipo, y a la gente de Restaurant Sa Caleta por el almuerzo y la buena onda ?



Last night Uncle Sal blasted through a near 2-hour set that boasted 18 songs, including songs from their 3 CDs and some covers too: "Prove it all night" by Springsteen, the traditional "Sittin' on top of the world", "Laundromat" and "Bullfrog blues" by Rory Gallagher and "Rockin' in the free world" by uncle Neil as a closer. Uncle Sal rocks. Period.



Ya tenemos el video de Dorado Live Shows con Amaia y Pere Navarro
video by Xabi Goitisolo Photo
¡Esperamos que os guste!



Carmen Boza returns to Ibiza as the special guest for the final Dorado Live Shows event of the season, that will take place at Paradiso in Cala de Bou...



Like it happened in 2018 with Russian Red, this year the last date of Dorado Live Shows took place at Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel. Local band Quin Delibat were announced months ago as the opening band but in the end it was just Simøne (Rock Nights) behind the decks in the warm up duties.

Carmen Boza's career began uploading videos of her unique indie pop songs on Youtube. In 2011 she recorded her fist EP called Lapislázuli and in 2012 she collected all the songs that she had uploaded to her Youtube channel and released them online for free as Rollitos de primavera (caseros y con cariño). These low-key releases were followed by two full length studio albums, La Mansión de los espejos (2015) and La caja negra (2018), which consolidated her as one of the most interesting female artists in Spain.

This was her third time playing on the island, after her two previous appearances at the Sueños de Libertad festival (2016 and 2018), and probably the most beautiful place where she has ever played as she mentioned. After a surprising start with a cover of "This mess we're in" by PJ Harvey, she went through a set that included songs like "Amante religiosa", "Desconocidos", "Sin salida", "La mansión de los espejos", "Vida moderna", her brand new single "La grieta" (written during the confinement) or "Gran hermano". The song chosen to finish with was a surprise too: "Tangos de la sultana" by Camarón, the most famous artist to ever come out of her native Cádiz along with Paco de Lucía. A great night to end the season and, as per, everything ran perfectly, with people respecting the health and safety rules.


Well done to Concept Hotel Group, who instead of giving up (as others did right from the start) decided not only to open four of their six hotels but also to go ahead with their scheduled cultural events (Cinerama, Dorado Live Shows, exhibitions, etc), making this summer a bit more bearable for us... THANKS!


Carmen Boza said:
Feliz, agradecida y satisfecha por la experiencia de compartir mi música en un sitio tan mágico como @paradiso_ibiza.
Sin duda, uno de los conciertos más especiales de este año loco, un oasis en Ibiza. Que nos volvamos a ver pronto ?