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Anyone heard it!

Warning. Your ears will come off, but if you need a good laugh then try listening to it somewhere on the net, I´m sure it´s out there! It´s horrendous and really laughable!
a little
told me that james loves dj ötzi - specially his song hey baby!! :eek:

is that right james?
:lol: :lol: :lol:

that made me chuckle loads mc. - ooh ah, i wanna know

ibiza-girlie, i heard that song in a shop in ibiza town and thought it was an advert for the pizzahut and KFC in ibiza town ;-)))))))


you can all hear it at

at the end of the day, respect - he's making more money than all of us together for just taking the piss ;-)
God - this is not a patch on the definitive song in this genre - Born Greasy by Dustin the Turkey!! It is a peerless tribute to Born Slippy featuring the immortal lines:

Burger Burger Burger Burger Burger
Larger Larger Larger Larger More Chips

Must be heard to be believed!

:D :D :D
Is it one of those w**ky dance in sequence holiday specials? Las Ketchup, Saturday Night, Birdie Song, Macarena and all that B**locks?

I tell you, any excuse for Europeans to dance in sequence and they're away, especially the Spanish and Italians. We had a load at our hotel this year, every 5 mins they were singing some other w**ky song, all standing in a line doing the moves.

When you're trying to relax after a night out, or anytime for that matter, it does your head in BIG time. I've proper had it with this stuff. Stop making sh*t music! It's sh*t and you know it! Just 'cause you can do something doesn't necessarily mean you should you money grabbing b*stards.

Next time i'm at a wedding and my mum, aunt or nan are trying to make me do some f**king stupid dance I'll be thinking of slow and painful ways to end you :evil:
hahaha!!!!! he´s soooo embarassing, and acts like an arse whenever he goes on "tour" with his dattape! he was almost thrown out of Denmark because he wanted VIP treat all the way, which he couldnt bye bye ötzi! take your stupid songs and go home!
Ibiza-girlie said:
HAHAHA Glad im not the only one who thinks that this geezer schould be shot at daylight!

I HATE this shit! :evil:

If they pass this on the radio at Ibiza, I shoot them..... :twisted:

Ötzi, mein Gott du bist VERDAMMT scheiß!

People will make everything for money but at this stage....LAMENTABLE!!

Comment devenir la personne la plus stupide au monde en 2 SECONDE?
I HATE all that cheesy music , it really moshes up my ears, ban it that includes the silly cheeky girls, What is it all about? :evil:
How the hell does he call himself a DJ? That song is complete sh1te, its a cover of fast food rockers or vice versa... i feel physically sick!
yeah it doesnt actually MAKE one visit those places mentioned, and the word DJ is such a disgrace when it involved this fat Austrian socalled singer
good lord! he was such a prick when he visited Denmark, acted like he was a superstar and really he was just another idiot on stage. :evil: