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Yes I will have some CD's to hand out. As always I am happy to give them away to the people on the island. Glad you enjoyed last years mix.


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Available now on www.transmissionfm.com the next instalment in the deep dive series.
I will be playing at "The Orange Corner" in Ibiza on 27th June 2-6pm, would love to see you there for a beer and a phat one. I will be playing a set of funky lounge tunes, deep house, minimal and funky pool tunes. Come and say hello, I have free cd's for anyone that wants them.


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Another mix is available on transmissionfm.

A chance to hear my set from July 4th 2006 @ Coastline Cafe, Summer grooves abound !!

Would love to hear your comments.

Click on mixes and scroll down until you see mine.

See you for tunes and a beer at "The Orange Corner" on 27th June 2-6pm.


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Tonight on www.transmissionfm.com you can hear Darran McCarthy from 7-9pm and then Andy Kidd from 9-10pm.

For those of you that havent discovered this website yet it contains over 200 mixes over 6 genres for you to either download or listen to on demand. As well as this there are live DJ's every day. Ideal for clubbers wanting something different.

Darran McCarthy

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Waveforms Live tonight from 7pm UK Time & Deep Diving With Andy Kidd from 9pm


Listen http://stream.transmissionfm.com:8000/house-high.mp3.m3u House Stream

http://www.transmissionfm.com/chat Chat Room

From 7pm UK time tonight you can Join Darran Live for the finest progressive sounds from the city of Manchester UK
Click the links above to listen in or find out more information.<br>

Jay Walsh I-DJ Raw Talent runner up starts the evening from 6pm with his own brand of mash ups, Following Darran comes Andy Kidd whos style wow's The Orange Room in ibiza every year



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Tonight on transmission

Progressive sounds from Darran McCarthy 7-9pm GMT followed by Andy Kidd with some deep house grooves 9-10pm.

Every week on www.TransmissionFm.com

Hundreds of mixes to download for free.