10 Years On Spotlight!


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I missed that sticky thread! So many interesting readings on this secret forums that I didn't even check the sticky... (I was reading the secret Space Closing thread with all details on how to get a wristband to come back when you leave the club and also the full timetable ;-) - note also I wouldn't imagine that Carl Cox would choose that track for the last ever track played at Space ;-)).

Too bad I will not have the all-you-can-drink pass yet for the Space closing :-(

I wonder what will be our advantages when we will reach 20 years!


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My 7th is this December after I.book.me and the mrs a weekend if February for.xmas present:) a night in barca 3 in ibiza and a night in barca on way back.. I googled Whats Ibiza like.in winter and spotlight came up.
Stil probably my favourite trip over as was discussed here on several ocations.. :twisted: people fishing for dirt..:twisted:


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See the regular posters from what I think of as Spotlights halcyon days in the mid 00s still make up the majority of the top posters!
Barbie still clear in second by 19000 messages :confused:


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over 15 years for me on here as well but haven't been on recently at all,
taking this wee guy on the left to Ibiza for 2 weeks on 26th August.

it will certainly be a different 2 weeks from my late 90's early 00s 14 dayers lol

family coming with us so will still manage a few parties and plan to get round the island again as well :)