sound system

  1. Baroom

    Looking for a villa with swimming pool

    We would like to rent a villa for 5 nights in Ibiza Town or nearby location with 3 bedrooms minimum. Anyone can help recommend a place? Thank you all in advance.
  2. L

    Loudest or best system in Ibiza clubs

    juat wondering what your opinion is on this what's the loudest sound system or best system you've seen in Ibiza mines is probably 1 amnesia 2 space terrace 3 pacha main room
  3. L

    Lighting system and sound system

    hello just couple question was recently in amnesia Ibiza could'nt help but notice the light system c02 cannons etc how much is the light system worth estimated? The sound system is probably the most popular loudest sound system I've ever heard I got told they are custom built the ones on the...