1. B

    REDLIGHT - Sankeys

    what do people make of the lineups?
  2. K

    VIP Tables at clubs

    Guys coming July 11-17 to celebrate a 40th birthday. We are partying one night off a night. Main clubs Privilege(carl cox), Pacha, Sankeys(tribal sessions) We have 20 people confirmed, and I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea of VIP tables at each of these clubs. Full service VIP...
  3. TravelerPete

    Solo in Ibiza Town September 17th-22nd

    Hello, I am traveling to Ibiza for the first time, I am coming from the USA. I'll be landing there on September 17th and leaving the 22nd. Staying In Ibiza Town. My plan is pacha the 17th to see Bob Sinclair on the 18th or 19th I want to go to cafe del mar space the 20th for the Carl Cox...
  4. HaydD

    When are artists usually announced?

    Hi everyone, New to this so bear with me... When are artists usually announced? Trying to figure out who will be playing The Redlight Sankeys sessions, Together Tuesdays (is there a house label collab?) and what Ushuaia are up to? Cheers