pool party

  1. F

    O Beach VIP - share our table? September 5th

    My friend and I have a VIP bed booked for O beach Kisstory party on 5th September. If you are interested in joining and splitting the minimum spend costs with us get in touch. We are 2 females from the UK in our 30s. Friendly & fun people welcome!
  2. S

    recommendations for mixed groups

    We are getting married in ibiza and wanted to arrange something for the wedding party to do the following day. It will be a Sunday in August. Is there a recommendation for a beach bar or a venue with a pool we can reserve an area for a group of around 35 people for drinks (and potentially...
  3. Baroom

    Looking for a villa with swimming pool

    We would like to rent a villa for 5 nights in Ibiza Town or nearby location with 3 bedrooms minimum. Anyone can help recommend a place? Thank you all in advance.
  4. E

    Who is down to party tonight?

    I have a house in Ibiza 15 min from the center with a big pool and space, looking for people who want to come by and have a good time. ALL DRINKS ARE FREE obviously, if you need transportation just hit me up and i will be more than happy to arrange a pick up. I AM NOT TRYING TO MAKE A MASSIVE...
  5. JamDav

    Jet Apartments June 1-8th

    Team of us going for opening parties and a mates stag do. Anyone else hitting Jet at this time? Also anyone know if the pool parties will have kicked off this early in the season?