1. Clarityman

    Is Figueretas safe to walk to from PDB at night/early hours?

    Hi All, New here and Ibiza Virgin next week travelling solo. Debating between a quieter hotel (Central Playa) in Figueretas or busier one (Playasol Nostrum) in PDB and fancy the quieter option. Will be visiting HI Glitterbox so want to know if the walk back would be safe or is taxi/bus...
  2. Kay84

    Ibiza July 2018

    Hey all and hope everyone had a good time last summer in Ibiza! So question is... Whose going this summer? I am contemplating going in July... I look forward to hearing from you all
  3. C

    PDB June 16-26

    Who else is coming mid June to PDB? Lets get a crew together for a few boat parties and bombing around with scooters in Formentera to cure the hangover :) :) I'll be booking at JET for 10 days or so... winging it all so far... getting excited!!!
  4. HaydD

    Where's good to kill a few hours with luggage?

    Arriving in PDB at about 1pm Can't get into the villa until 4pm :eek: Where would you suggest we go for a bite to eat and chill whilst carrying around luggage? Is there a restaurant called Sissis or something in PDB thats quite nice? Cheers