1. B

    Solo trip 28th august - 1st sep

    Hey everyone! I’m a British solo travel blogger and traveling to Ibiza for next few days. I’ll be staying in Ibiza town and open to meet new people and explore the area together. If anyone’s around please get in touch and let’s explore Ibiza together 🙌😍 My Instagram is @boschi_alex
  2. B

    Cycling in Ibiza

    Hey peeps! Anyone up for a cycling trip on the Ibiza island? Let’s meet and plan out.
  3. Deeps

    Aug 26-30 Ushuaia Meetup

    Hi, I'm travelling to Ibiza with my friend from August 26-30 and will be staying at Ushuaia. My first trip was ages back when I was in Uni. So guess this will be a different trip. Could someone guide me with eth Dos and Don'ts please? If anyone is around the same time, do let me know such that...
  4. Emily Corbitt

    Jun 29-Jul 4th -visiting from California

    Hi everyone, I'll be visiting solo from California June 29 through July 4 ..that's right in just a few days :-) I would love to meet up. You can reach me at