1. L

    No tickets available for ANTS @ Ushuaia - July 29th

    There are no tickets available for ANTS @ USHUIA - July 29th, is this because the event is sold out or will there be tickets available to purchase in Ibiza? The next date to purchase tickets for Ants at Ushuaia is August.
  2. Steffi Aysan

    12-17th July. Who's going?!!

    Hey guys, me and my friend Jodie have just booked our trip to Playa den Bossa for 12-17th July. Anybody else going on these dates?! It's just the two of us so we'd like to meet some other fun souls there and party!! See you there
  3. J

    solo Ibiza from 31st July - August 5th

    Hey guys what's going on?! so im going to Ibiza from July 31st to August 5th solo after doing a fair bit of Europe before hand, and looking to see who will be there?! I'm staying in playa den bossa at the hard rock hotel and I'm keen to get f***ed up and have a good time! I've got tickets...
  4. Daniel Stein

    Share a VIP Table

    coming from South Africa, going to be in Ibiza for 4 nights: 27th June till 1st July Anybody want to split a VIP table at either: Ushuaia, Amnesia or Oean with two of us?
  5. T

    Solo in Ibiza from 30th June - 5th July

    Hey I was planning to go to Ibiza with a friend but he bailed so now heading there solo! Going from 30th June - 5th July and seeing if anyone is gonna be there around the same times. I'm keen to hit party all the time, beach bars, night clubs etc you name it. If anyone is keen to meet up let me...
  6. Rob&Jules

    July 4th-11th VIP table share

    Hi people me and my friend Julia are heading over to the party island between 4-11th of July and looking for people that would like to share some VIP tables for a couple of the big names, also if anyone is staying at the Hard rock Hotel on those dates give us a shout. Rob & Jules
  7. Corey McClurkin

    July 4th 2016