hi ibiza

  1. vedantmo

    HiIbiza - Solo this Saturday!

    Hey! I'm visiting from LA and in Ibiza for one night. I'll be going to HiIbiza and would love to make some friends and have them join me in all the fun. Let me know if any of you will be around then! My Instagram is @vedantmodii (two i's) :)
  2. W

    VIP Table Black Coffee June 11th 2022

    Hi all Is anyone interested in getting a VIP table for Black coffee this Saturday night 11th June at Hi Ibiza? My girlfriend and I are looking to get table and wanted to see if anyone else wanted to join us to split the costs and have a fun time ?
  3. Ste Proudlock

    15th To the 22nd September

    Going it alone this time... Second time on the island this summer, looking at these nights: Saturday 15th Amnesia - Elrow Sunday 16th Hi - Cream Monday 17th DC-10 - Circoloco Tuesday 18th Amnesia - Together Closing Party Open to other sugestions... anyone wanna get messy?? :p
  4. Steven Cooper

    In Ibiza until Tuesday

    First time in Ibiza. I traveled here from NY with my friend from California and we’re looking for some cool people to meet/hangout and party with. Pretty much down to do anything around the island so send me a message!
  5. S

    Ibiza long weekend 14-18 September

    Day 1 - 14/09/17 It's been sixteen years since my first trip to Ibiza, but the excitement when the plane approaches to land is still as great as it was in the early years - like a friend of mine said, it's like Christmas only without the family and kids :) This time I was careful to take a...
  6. Millenium

    Hï Sundays! 3rd sept

    Hey! Looking for people to go tonight to Hï, Anyone want to go?? x
  7. robcthegeek

    21-24th Aug Going Solo

    Hey all! First time solo in Ibiza, can't wait to get back into the party! Landing 21st eve, thinking of hitting up Together @ Amnesia on 22nd, then Hi on 23rd for Armin Anyone else looking to meet up, get in touch :)
  8. Ale Mannino

    Wanna get Hï tonight?

    Hey guys!who's going to Hï?
  9. L

    Does anyone have any photos "hi" in construction

    eould like to see how much they changed and what it looked like in construction can't really imagine what it looks like in photos when Ibiza spotlight reviewed it