1. I

    TV pilot for British broadcaster filming this August in Ibiza!

    Are you heading to Ibiza this August? Rumpus are casting for a new exciting TV pilot exploring modern attitudes towards sex, love and dating. We are looking for groups of friends who will be heading to the island and happy to talk about their sex lives and dating profiles. If you or your...
  2. A

    Now-12 July in need of friends and fun

    Hi everyone I’m Annelies and I came to Ibiza to celebrate my birtday but my best friend and I got into the biggest fight ever. My family told me her family came to get her car and said she’s leaving me. So now I’ll be alone in Ibiza until the 12the…. Someone want to meet? Or adopt me into their...
  3. deanhuss

    September 10th-14th solo!!

    Second time going Ibiza first time alone, Going alone on a trip to escape from life for a few days‼ will be staying in San Antonio. Down for anything really if anyone wants to get some some drinks & make some plans‼
  4. Cordosh

    Ibiza 5th - 14th september 2017

    Hello everybody I am arriving to Ibiza 5th Sep. and planing to go first night to Ibiza Underground for tINI and gang if enyone is fancy to join me it will be cool.I am traveling solo and I will be in the Ibiza till 14th Sep. so plenty time to join another partys :) or another things to do...
  5. Pav moore

    SOLO! 28th -31st August ibiza rocks hotel

    hi guys! Im the one in the jacket on my pic im going to ibiza on my own unfortunately since all my friends dropped out (this is the same group of "friends" that dropped out of coming to my birthday on the 1st august) this was supposed to be like a holiday for my birthday but yet again been let...
  6. angelina24

    going to be in ibiza begining august

    hey everybody! i was in ibiza(playa den bossa) for 3 days in june and i felt my trip was cut too early. i am missing it so much and nobody wants to come with me but i am not going to allow it to stop me. i am going to stay a week and just want friends to party with or hang out with on the beach...
  7. Riley D

    One Way ticket to Ibiza: June 7th-??

    Hi, I will be arriving in Ibiza on June 7th. I am a student from the US traveling Europe and I am an Ibiza virgin. Looking for people to party with! I have no set date to leave Ibiza yet... I will be staying in San Antonio June 7th-9th, so far.