first time

  1. wheresthe_lambsauce

    American's First Time Going (Solo, Too!)

    Hi all. Like the title says, I (27M) am planning a solo trip to Ibiza for later this year in anticipation that a) America gets its vaccination logistics worked out and b) Spain will allow American tourists, unrestricted. If that does not end up being the case, well, f***, I will save your...
  2. JonathanIbiza

    Solo Traveler 23rd - 27th Sept

    Hi Guys, I'll potentially be travelling to Ibiza for the first time solo between 23rd - 27th September. It would be nice to meet other people who know or would like to discover where all the best spots are for daytime activities and nightlife. Drop me a message if interested. Thanks, Jonathan
  3. ziddyzid

    Trip Advice

    Will be visiting the island for the first time with two girlfriends from 25/9/18 to 28/9/18. We know its a short time so what do you think would be the best parties/events to go to during that time? Are there any promoters or reps on here we should be looking for? Any help at all would be...
  4. J

    First timer, just a couple of questions

    I was thinking of coming to Ibiza and staying in the San Antonio town in sept, I am coming to Ibiza on my own(sad I know but I am in my thirties and don't want to wait till my forties). I am quite a confident guy who likes all kind of music and likes a bit of karaoke on holiday, I would also...
  5. S

    Radio 1 weekend

    Looking for some information about how the radio 1 weekend works. Do u need a ticket for cafe mambo event, should I book a table, what time does it start, etc? All information greatly appreciated. TIA Stephanie
  6. CasaNegron

    Losing your virginity....

    What was your first proper club night on the island and did it live up to your expectations? Club: Amnesia Party: La Troya Date: July 3 2003 I made arrangements to see ibiza with a friend that was visiting from the US while I was working in the UK, but I got a flight on BMI? a day earlier than...