1. elgreco

    Flying Solo 25th - 28th, DC-10 Circo Loco, Solomon at the port

    Hello All, I'm flying out on Monday 25th until Thursday 28th - bit of a spontaneous trip so I'll be on my own. The two events I'm coming for are Circo loco on monday at DC-10 and the free Pasha Solomon set at the port. If anyone fancies joining me for them or meeting for a drink some other time...
  2. Sunny Polepalli

    Spontaneous soloer from NY to Ibiza - 20th - 23rd

    Hello, Needed a weekend solo getaway so decided to give Ibiza a shot this time. English speaking traveler and Would love to meet up with people interested in some good music (techno/edm) and day drinking, boat parties. Was thinking of kygo on the 20th and predz 22nd open plans for the rest...
  3. T

    ***Message for non-native English learners/speakers-English classes on skype***

    Hello, I’m from the United Kingdom and I do English classes on Skype with very reasonable rates. I can speak Spanish to an intermediate level and have used this medium to achieve this level. Therefore I know how effective this method is. Please send me a message if you are interested for more...