1. L

    Now Hiring Lifestyle Ambassador

    THE Perfect Candidate must: Have a valid driver's license and passport Be available to travel abroad for long periods of time Easy going, able to go with the flow personality Enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle Day & night events, diners or parties Be bikini ready, as photos for social media...
  2. E

    Who is down to party tonight?

    I have a house in Ibiza 15 min from the center with a big pool and space, looking for people who want to come by and have a good time. ALL DRINKS ARE FREE obviously, if you need transportation just hit me up and i will be more than happy to arrange a pick up. I AM NOT TRYING TO MAKE A MASSIVE...
  3. EveyT

    Wouldn't the clubs make more money if the drinks were cheaper?

    What it says on the tin ^. I'm interested to hear others thoughts on this. Surely if the prices were actually reasonable people would drink more in the clubs and they would get a higher profit. Yes, still have your 3000 euro bottles of champagne for the silly money folk but the rest of us plebs...
  4. _stella_

    First time in Ibiza 8th-12th Aug

    Hunting out the best clubs/beaches/pools and cheap(ish) drinks if they exist!