1. F

    Circoloco Closing 2018

    Hi, I’ve got my tickets to Circoloco Closing and I’m mega excited but I’m concerned that if I don’t turn up at the right time I could be stuck in a que for like 3 hours just trying to gain entry. Can anyone who has been before advise me on a sensible time to arrive? Thanks in advance
  2. Ste Proudlock

    15th To the 22nd September

    Going it alone this time... Second time on the island this summer, looking at these nights: Saturday 15th Amnesia - Elrow Sunday 16th Hi - Cream Monday 17th DC-10 - Circoloco Tuesday 18th Amnesia - Together Closing Party Open to other sugestions... anyone wanna get messy?? :p
  3. elgreco

    Flying Solo 25th - 28th, DC-10 Circo Loco, Solomon at the port

    Hello All, I'm flying out on Monday 25th until Thursday 28th - bit of a spontaneous trip so I'll be on my own. The two events I'm coming for are Circo loco on monday at DC-10 and the free Pasha Solomon set at the port. If anyone fancies joining me for them or meeting for a drink some other time...
  4. Lumpy.Monkey

    Ibiza's Best SoundSystems

    For those who might be interested in where that thumping big sound comes from, there's a new article from the good folks over at MixMag explaining how the biggest clubs are rigged. http://mixmag.net/feature/ibizas-best-soundsystems