david guetta

  1. Erika Hosking

    Solo Traveler Sept 18-21

    Solo female traveler looking to see if anyone wants to meet up for David Guerra Thursday 20th? Formentera the 19th or 20th? Let me know if anyone is down to meet up in Playa de’n Bossa!
  2. Mowf

    Timing advice :)

    first time (as adults) to Ibiza on 13th June, got tickets for F##K Me I’m Famous @ Pacha, it says 8:30 start time, is this correct as I always thought lost clubs didn’t get going till 11-12? Any help appreciated cheers.
  3. Mowf

    F##k Me I’m famous lineup?

    Hey guys, booked a couple of Tickets for F##k me I’m famous, anyone ideas of sort of lineups? And is it DJ sets usually or performances? And what music is it usually as seeing a lot of hate for EDM? Cheers :) so happy Easter.
  4. Stephan P.

    BIG by David Guetta - when to go?

    Hi together, Party is from 5pm-midnight. Should we go early or does the party start later? Party looks madly full! Can you even get drinks etc or do you stand till the end? We baught tickets for the closing party today (28.08) of BIG by David Guetta. Thanks in advance!