1. Teacher Sonny D

    "DC10 Ibiza Greatest Hits" Series

    Hi guys, I’m “Teacher Sonny D” and I’ve created the “DC10 Ibiza Greatest Hits” series on my YouTube channel choosing tracks from way back in the day up to the present moment. It took me 9 months, as it was really hard to pick the best ones taking into account different genres (House, Techno...
  2. Teacher Sonny D

    La Historia de DC10 Ibiza y Circo Loco

    Hola Tod@s, Me llamo “Teacher Sonny D” y he creado una lista de las 100 mejores pistas de todos los tiempos durante la historia de DC10, Circo Loco, Paradise etc. Si os gusta la música underground de la isla, vais a disfrutarlo mucho! Visitad mi canal “Teacher Sonny D” en YouTube o haced click...
  3. F

    Circoloco Closing 2018

    Hi, I’ve got my tickets to Circoloco Closing and I’m mega excited but I’m concerned that if I don’t turn up at the right time I could be stuck in a que for like 3 hours just trying to gain entry. Can anyone who has been before advise me on a sensible time to arrive? Thanks in advance
  4. F

    Rampa and &me @ Circoloco

    Looking for a tune ID played by Rampa & &me at Circoloco on Monday 24th September. It has the vocal 'I'm so glad (or down) and I don't know what to do...can't you see I'm so....' Thanks!
  5. BeeRearz

    Solo Ibiza Virgin Sept 14-22

    Hello! American female coming solo from Miami to Ibiza to celebrate my birthday!!! I am a lover of house and techno and have always dreamed of a Spanish holiday! Looking to meet other solo travelers or anyone attending the same events :) I am booking a hostel in San Antonio and plan to use the...