1. F

    Circoloco Closing 2018

    Hi, I’ve got my tickets to Circoloco Closing and I’m mega excited but I’m concerned that if I don’t turn up at the right time I could be stuck in a que for like 3 hours just trying to gain entry. Can anyone who has been before advise me on a sensible time to arrive? Thanks in advance
  2. F

    Rampa and &me @ Circoloco

    Looking for a tune ID played by Rampa & &me at Circoloco on Monday 24th September. It has the vocal 'I'm so glad (or down) and I don't know what to do...can't you see I'm so....' Thanks!
  3. BeeRearz

    Solo Ibiza Virgin Sept 14-22

    Hello! American female coming solo from Miami to Ibiza to celebrate my birthday!!! I am a lover of house and techno and have always dreamed of a Spanish holiday! Looking to meet other solo travelers or anyone attending the same events :) I am booking a hostel in San Antonio and plan to use the...