beach club

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    Best dancing on beach/sand

    hi. We will be in Ibiza first time ever in July. We want to spend our daytime (from 11 am till sunset) in beach clubs, eating, swimming in the sea and dancing on sand . There is lots of choice , so we are a bit lost. Need advice from experienced Ibizans. We are looking for an upscale club...
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    Beach clubs - topless ?

    Hi. Never been to beach clubs in Ibiza. What is the situation with the dress code in beach clubs ? Is it normal for women to be around the pool topless ? Thanks
  3. D

    29th - 31st May.....Who is Going?

    Hi I am traveling solo to Ibiza on 29th to 31st May. I already book F*** Me I’m Famous on 31st May night. And looking for some fun in those days. Anybody wants to join me?
  4. L

    Your opinion or review on Ushuaia?

    never went this year but went last year got the impression that it's constantly about money in there fair enough decent line ups and stuff but I got the impression it's about v.i.p and big spenders?