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    Vintage KU IBIZA posters

    Hello Would anyone be interested in original KU posters from the 80's? (Most by Yves Uro) The posters are from my dad's personal collection, he lived in Ibiza for 10 years and worked at KU in the late 80's. He has kept the posters flat for 33 years and most are in a very good condition! I...
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    History of the pyramid fountain in amnesia

    Hello, about a year ago I started trying to find out some information about the pyramid fountain that was in the garden in Amnesia during the 1980s, and was removed at some point in the early 1990s. I have spoken to a few people who went there during that time, as well as some of the early DJs...
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    What's your favourite 1980's dance tracks?

    whats your favourite 1980s dance tracks of all time? Can be any genres such as brittish sync pop etc Mines in no order New order - blue Monday Visage - fade to grey yazoo - don't go Tears for fears - mad world Depeche mode - enjoy the silence Duran Duran - planet earth