Santa Eulalia!

Discussion in 'Ibiza Open Chat' started by hellokittty, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. hellokittty

    hellokittty New Member

    Random question, but how do you pronounce Santa Eulalia?

    thanks 8)
  2. Warren D

    Warren D New Member

  3. mr_l_k

    mr_l_k No longer active

    santa oolarleia
  4. Bellagio

    Bellagio Active Member

    Phonetically the modern way I believe is Santa U lar Ree Ah
  5. mr_l_k

    mr_l_k No longer active

    well everyone i know who lives here in santa eulalia says oo lay lee ar or oo lah lee ar
  6. Don Simon

    Don Simon Active Member

    More to the point, should I use Eulalia,or Eularia? Always confused, is it a Catalan thing?
  7. CasperSlides

    CasperSlides New Member

    Eulalia is Castillian Spanish
    Eularia is Catalan.

    All the road signs in Ibiza are in written in Catallan. This is to ensure that any tourist who has made the effort to learn a bit of Spanish before they arrive here will realise that they have wasted their time.

    Anybody who wasn't born on the island and brought up speaking Catallan, generally pronounce it in the Castillian way.
  8. Tony

    Tony Active Member

    and of then course, there is Ibicenco - no wonder after 20 odd years I still can't make myself understood - just over 4 weeks to the first time this year :)
  9. grego

    grego Active Member

    a little variation on this if i may - a-oo-lar-leah - the first sound makes all the difference.

    and last summer mcrackers corrected my catalan pronounciation of a-oo-lar-re-ah for eularia to the correct 'a-oo-lar-E'

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