Fraud! Remembrance Day conman who marched with 'impossible' haul of 17 medals

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    Fraud! Remembrance Day conman who marched with 'impossible' haul of 17 medals

    By Fay Schlesinger
    Last updated at 9:11 AM on 05th December 2009

    Cheered by thousands as he marched alongside brave troops during a Remembrance Day parade, he looked every inch the battle-hardened war veteran.
    But on closer inspection, his striking collection of 17 medals - including the Distinguished Service Order and Military Cross - was not what it seemed.
    No single servicemen could have been awarded all the medals, and they were wrongly displayed, experts said last night.

    Enlarge [​IMG]

    Enlarge [​IMG]
    Last night a hunt was under way for the fraudster after he took part in a big Remembrance Day parade in Bedworth, Warwickshire.
    Wearing decorations without authority is a criminal offence under the Army Act 1955.
    Bereaved families of servicemen killed in Afghanistan were among the crowds who applauded as he passed, but organisers became suspicious when they noticed his array of medals. He wore badges from campaigns including the Second World War, Korea and the Falklands, medals for both officers and other ranks, and foreign decorations.

    The man, in a beige SAS beret, was confronted by a march organiser. He is said to have admitted to being a fake before leaving.

    Martin Harrison, a medals expert from the Bedworth Armistice Day Parade committee, said the display of decorations was clearly fake.

    Enlarge [​IMG] So proud: Veterans hold military banners at the parade
    He said: 'To start with you never wear two rows of medals - you wear one long row overlapping. The entire order is wrong.
    'But the real outrage is over the gallantry awards. Swanning around with things he is not entitled to, especially under the present circumstances, is offensive.'

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    did you loose your mind since moving to cala vadella ? :lol:
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    Winter in Ibiza can be quiet :)

  4. blackswan555

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    Have a search of climategate if you are bored, The government`s of the world are lying (nothing new there) global warming is a pile of tosh, we need more pollution or we are going to freeze to death.

    Have a good one
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    The Sun is rapidly losing its power and they are keeping that hush
  6. Dirk Bigler

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    Hang him!
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    a winter-visit in pacha can give you an impression
    what a combination of drugs+alcohol+long winters
    can do to some people :))
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    Yeah well sorry that the post didn't include some well known personality or an over sized photo.
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    Try NYE in pacha or Underground for an extream on that one, I will be there !!

  10. Warren D

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    OK lads you can call off the search. He's been found.
  11. Morbyd

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    A little harsh :lol:
    But this case is certainly more offensive, in terms of respect for veterans, than that drunk kid who didn't know where he was peeing. :idea:
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  13. Warren D

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    wtf - hulk´s new girlfriend looks just false as F !

    ... that **** only loves his money :)
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    If he's so keen to be in the military....they should send him to Afghanistan
  16. Olly

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    he's clearly delusional or mentally ill
  17. icebaer69

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    that bloke must be under the influence of forbidden substances -
    or is there another excuse for that disgusting psychedelic-hippy-woodstock-tie ? :lol:
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    subtle use of medals... surprised he was caught to be fair.

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