Brothels in Ibiza

Discussion in 'Ibiza Open Chat' started by Matt-london, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Matt-london

    Matt-london Guest

    My mate (yeah right!) wants to know if there are any brothels in Ibiza.
    Can anyone help ?
  2. MARKB

    MARKB Active Member

    Yes, there are.

    Go into any nightclub,

    go to the bar,

    buy a bottle of water,

    and you'll get thoroughly fcked for 10E
  3. S Express

    S Express New Member

  4. stuie

    stuie New Member

    Last year the one time I had to walk through the West End there were prostitutes hassling me...

    They didn't seem to understand the english phrase: I am gay! :lol: :lol:

    There are a couple of strip clubs

    But you don't need to pay for sex on Ibiza...

    if you do... god help you! ;)
  5. N8

    N8 Guest

    Theres at least four or five in san an, maybe four ish in ibiza town
  6. nish

    nish New Member

    :lol: damn right!

    Me and Senor McRackin have stumbled onto this topic many times on our random conversations. The posts should still be up so do a search.

    I actually went into one last year! Was well funny! me and my mate were rushing back from del mar to get ready for hed kandi. we took a shortcut and these girls were hassling us to go in the bar. we just thought they were overactive pr people till they said 'sucky sucky'! YES!! They actually said that I shit u not! Anyways we stopped, looked at each other, back at the girl and back at each other (in true WTF?!) fashion. She then said it was however much for 'sucky sucky'. So we thought we're gonna have to check this bar out for a laugh! We went in for a look and the bar was TINY! there was a sly back door (no pun) which Im guessing had a larger room or rooms where the beds where.

    Didnt even stop for a drink coz they prob sting u a shit load.

    After all that rushing as well the fooking kandi bus didnt turn up btw! Just remembered that! :lol:
  7. puppylover

    puppylover Active Member

  8. sunny_d

    sunny_d New Member

    yes there definitely are brothels.

    during the second of our two trips to the island last year we stayed in a big villa with about 20 people all vaguely connected through friends of friends.

    First night we all went out clubbing but a large section of the group went missing before we got there. When we arrived back at the villa at 8am, seriously worse for wear, there were about seven hookers lying around the pool and in various bedrooms of the villa. This really messed with our heads as you can imagine!

    It's lucky that we had to stop on the way back to the villa and wait for a newsagent to open so we could get some rizlas, because apparently only half an hour after we got back there was some hardcore group action going on in the main living room! :eek:

    Needless to say, this incident created an interesting group dynamic for the rest of the holiday! :lol:
  9. N8

    N8 Guest

    sunny_d can i come on holiday with you and your mates please!!!!

    People would pay to watch that kind of thing :lol: ;)
  10. fergie19

    fergie19 New Member

    Can I come to :eek: :eek: :p :p :p :p :p :p [/quote]
  11. sunny_d

    sunny_d New Member

    believe me, someone did pay. one of the group was a multi-multi millinonaire and i understand that once drunk, he paid for all the girls to come back to the villla for the night - 4000 euros.
  12. sunny_d

    sunny_d New Member

    oh by the way i meant _before_ not after there - me and my mates did not see the group action!
  13. small jinx

    small jinx New Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: No naming any venues, ahem EL Divino ahem ahem :x
  14. small jinx

    small jinx New Member

  15. small jinx

    small jinx New Member

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! They honk at ten paces, eurgh any man that gets suckered into them will smell like Grimsby :lol: :lol: :lol:

    NITEFLY Active Member

    there is a brother just round the corner of the paraso hotel,walking home one night from san an we thought we would have a laugh so knocked on the door,it was obviously a night off as the women who ansered the door told us to f*** off,and shut the door in our face so we thought it would be a good idea to do a slash up the door.cheers. :lol:
  17. nickclayton

    nickclayton New Member

    Just look for anything called a "club" in Spain and it's probably a brothel. That could be the reason that we tend to call the places like Privilege, Pacha and El Divino "clubs" while the locals call them "discos". Otherwis there could be a lot of disappointged Spanish people...
  18. sunny_d

    sunny_d New Member

    actually the girls who we found back at our villa were quite fit - i.e. you would.

    a couple of days later i spotted a few of them in space at the we love sundays closing, so not only are there hookers on ibiza, but they walk amongst us!
  19. small jinx

    small jinx New Member

  20. N8

    N8 Guest

    Space on sundays is well known for being attended in the morning/early afternoon by hookers......

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