Zoo Project or Glitterbox?

I'm just a few weeks away from my seventh trip over to Ibiza from the U.S. Most of the time I'm there for trance (Shine, Captured), a bit of DnB (Together), and an occasional guilty pleasure (Calvin Harris this time around). I'm less passionate about house and techno, though can enjoy both and I pretty much always have a great evening in the garden of DC-10 for Circoloco.

But I'm looking for something new and different to on Sunday, 1st Sept, and the top choices to me look to be Zoo Project or Glitterbox. Any suggestions on helping me choose? I've been to Benimussa Park a few times, for Captured and Ibiza Gay Pride events, so I know it's a great place to be for an evening of fun. I don't usually go out for disco, but I've read a lot of solid recommendations for Glitterbox and it looks like it could be a fun time too.

Or should I try to do both? I've done a number two-party days, like an evening at Ushuaia and then the night Hi or Amnesia, so I'm not so concerned about endurance. But since they overlap by several hours, doing both might mean cutting both short and not fully enjoying either. Hence my conundrum (perhaps one worthy of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown ;)).

Thomas Cliche

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I think you easely can do both. If not, I would chose the Zoo over Gliterbox (which I realy did not like last year, too disco).


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Depending on how it will effect your other nights I would do both. Zoo offers the chance to have lots of fun but also places to sit and enjoy the spectacle, maybe even grab some food - which should save enough energy for Glitterbox.

My wife and a few friends are going to Glitterbox that night, we like house so it ticks a lot of boxes....and they girls get to wear something sparkly 💃


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I would say you can easily do both, but since you're at Captured fest - that'd be three days on the trot at Benimussa. I mean, I love that venue. But for me personally, that'd be too much. Regardless of the fact it's a different type of music and crowd. Do Glitterbox for sure and maybe something else on the Sunday daytime.


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I planned to do both last trip, but ended up staying at Zoo cause it was too much fun in the rabbit hole (indoor where the party continues after 23.00)
Thanks for all the input! And yes, I think I am going to go for it and try doing both.

I get how three days of Benimussa Park could be a bit much for one trip, but there aren't many other daytime events that Sunday and I'm not one for just lying around the pool or the beach. Plus, the Zoo Project day should be a very different experience since I'll be doing that party solo while for Captured I'll be catching up with with dozens of trance friends.

Plus I'm staying walking distance to Hï, so even if I stay at Zoo Project until the end it's not unreasonable to still drop in for a couple hours of Glitterbox to get a taste of that experience.

Of course this plan assumes I still make it out after being out at Elrow the night before...