zenith cafe + luna bar


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our favourite dwarf johnny golden (manumission@privilege and zenith@la diosa) talking about
the new zenith cafe:

What happening now with Zenith?
We’re opening a bar, the old Gecko [opposite the ferry terminal in Ibiza Town]. We’ll be open from
12 o’clock in the afternoon till 4 o’clock at night. We open on the 10th, doing pizzas and curries
and stuff. Obviously I’ll be more involved with the night time sort of thing, I’m not a great daytime

Will they be open NYE?
Yeah sure, we’ll have a party for Christmas, for New Year. I think we’ll take a break in February,
we’ll close for a month or so.

(taken from www.space-ibiza.com ;) )

another interesting new place that opened this winter is the lounge bar LuNa in playa d'en
bossa!! :D

they only serve drinks but the place is great because you can get lots of different kinds of
tea (their specialty) and hear chill-out music in a very relaxed environment!!

LuNa is situated next to librería roberto (near the restaurant s'oficina)!! :p