your favourites...need ´em pronto!


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I´m quite a planner myself, and Im planning on renting a car to drive up north this time to see some more of Eivissa! Tell me where to go, which restaurants to go have a nice meal, what bars that are cool and all info in general!

going soon, so I need everything sorted out!
oh ibiza girlie. you're worse than my wife, she has to have a plan for everything.

be like me, fly by the seat of your pants. just go, stop, look round, and go in. there are so many fabulous places you'll find somewhere you really like and it will be a lovely surprise. i promise
Stephen, hihi! Well...I like to know what Ill be doing...but also to be spontaneous! so really i just wanna know my options really! still gonna do that parascending thing in San An, we talked about a few months ago!
Go to Beniras beach - stay there all day and go snorkeling - its a great way to spend an entire nosiy intrusions or anything - quality.
Go to Es Boldado restaurant at Cala d'Hort for Sunset. It looks out over Es Vedra and is gorgeous. They do great seafood.
Its a bit out of the way so will definitely need a car and mind all the winding roads!!!

If you like your food from the grill, try out Es Caliu. Its on the road to Portinatx and Benniras. Would be good for the return from your daytrip to Benniras. They do a great special which is Fillet of Ox and it is only partly cooked and you cook the rest on a stone. This place is not for vegitarians!
But isn't Calla d'Hort about as far south as you can get?

There's a cool eco shop with cafe/lounge in San Juan that's not bad. Portinax is fun but a bit full of the sort of grannies you see wrinkling up the beaches of Majorca. I found Benniras a bit full of crusties for my delicate tastes.

We stayed in San Juan last year and spent hours and days driving, walking and generally exploring the hilly forests and clear coves of the north. You'll have fun