yo yo yo....whos in da house?



:D what's up people?

anyone going this weekend? anyone going radio rental?

just got bakc last friday close to suicide now i wanna be on the island sooooooo much!!
Yo, wassup Fronties....

going out on Fri night so have not touched down yet.......

where else did you go, any good eateries around?
yeah not bad mate

theres a nice little place to get pizzas and stuff next door to kanya on the beach americano blognaise pizza they are class

go and visit funky flares in the westend well funny

what club nights you thinking of doing dont do cw orange

euphoria and manumission and cream all worth a visit my son
a'ight. ya'll done seem ta no youz some ebonics. I gotza speak at yaz, I an't goin, Ii'z be came back a few weeks 'go. It'z be awwsum. It wuz off da hizzy, know what Ii'z sayin, my nigga?