Xmas in Ibiza... Help!!!


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Panic stations!!!

It has transpired that a half-hearted/half-assed invitation to both my (UK) family and the wife's (Spanish) family to come with us to Ibiza for the Xmas period has suddenly turned into nightmarish reality, and I haven't got a clue what to do with them all....

What does one do and where does one go over Xmas? Are there any restaurants open on Noche Buena (Xmas Eve) and/or Xmas day serving a celebratory slap-up 17 courses job? Since our summer apartment has an oven only big enough to roast a gerbil in, I desperately need options!!!!

In fact I do remember McC sending photos from Cala d'Hort last year on Xmas day (in sweltering 20 degree heat!). Is Es Boldado or El Carmen open? What about the Jockey Club (all that "abierto 365 dias al ano" crap true?).

And anyone know a good butchers on the hallowed isle!!

Help!!!! This could be a PR disaster!!

the jockey club really is open 365 days a year and i generally drop by on new years day for a brandy.

christmas eve is a real family occasion and not many places are open as people tend to stay indoors. however most restaurants are open all over the festive period and new years eve is a really big night for eating out before going on to a party.

peter the butcher in port des torrent takes orders for all your traditional christmas fayre which is all parcelled up and ready to be collected on xmas eve. we order from him every year and i know that he has taken orders via e mail in the past

here are some of my past christmas day photos.