Working in Ibiza 2003




I'm planning on going to stay and work in Ibiza in 2003. What's the earlist month you could go get a bar job or something similar? I was planning on going over in March when it's quiet, and then staying over all through the main season when the main clubs open till the closing partys then going back home. Have anybody else gone over to Ibiza early in the year and have worked over there and what was it like?



i haven't worked over there, but i should magine that march would be a bit too early, i would say that if you went over in mid april you would be fine to get job and acomendation....
I think it would be SOOOO fun to be a go-go dancer in one of the clubs. How hard is it to get a job like that? 8) I have been dancing since childhood, am not bad looking and have boundless energy. Does anyone know of any website where I could submit a photo or something? EVERY girl must want to have this job for the summer.
For any Americans trying to work abroad- just to let you know, it is VERY hard to get an EU/Spanish Work Visa. I'm going thru it right now, and it's a long, complicated process. I doubt you'd be able to get one for a summer job in Ibiza, so plan on getting a job under the table.
Thanks Steve... that is what I would want to do anyway :lol: What job are you pursuing out there? I wonder about availability...... :eek:
I'll be teaching English to employees In Murcia. Nothing as interesting as go go dancing in IBZ, but I'll take what I can get!!

Good luck, though!!! Talk with people on the site and see if anyone can help out. Any edge could help!!