Woah long time since I've been on here - Going to Ibiza alone?


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Hi All

What are your thoughts on going to Ibiza alone?

Im thinking of heading out 12th Sept for a week, I have a mate who *might* be out there the same time but in a villa, while ill be opting for a very cheap Hotel in San An (purely for cheapness)

If she doesnt go, will I be ok?!

Ive done Thailand alone, but hell thats slightly different..Ibiza could be a very lonely place to get lonely :cry:
You'll be ok in San An but if you were in PDB you'd have the horny Italians to deal with :lol::lol::lol:

I don't think you will be lonely, I took my children on my own once and I met a bunch of ravers who hung out with me in the day time.. obviously I couldn't go out at night which was a bit difficult for me!

You will prob meet some people from here if you ask about who's going, most people on here are up for meeting up with others who use the forum :D