Winging it in April….. Or sleeping on the beach.



Ok you lot. (Stephen & James. I hear you have a spot of local knowledge).

I have the luxury of a week off before Easter. I understand it is not that busy but what about accommodation. Can I turn up and sort out acomo on the day???

I haven’t had any time to get stuck in searching the net but are looking for options for my buddy and me. Preferably under £150 for a week (April 13th to 20th) anyone got any suggestions??

Will also be hiring a car. There is only the 2 of us so there will be a Fait bopping round with some spare seats…. Seats are better with personality’s sitting in them if you get my drift ;) .
winging it

You should be ok with hostels, try La Marina. :D I always stay there or Es Vive. Easter is so busy- families visiting families friends visiting friends...
my advice is to book in advance because many hotels will not be open before easter ( and some won't open till may)

better safe than sorry.

browse the hotels on this site as many are open all year and book direct.
sleeping on the beach is always nice, but not San An!!! Salinas!!!