Why oh why....


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...did radio one give a 3hr slot to jules, fergie and eddie halliwell and only 2hrs to Oakey and Tiesto?!??! Is this justice I ask?!

They should have give all 5 to the Cream night, or at least done a 4hr special like last year.

Am I on my own in thinkin more Oakey, Tiesto and some PVD was a winning combination?

I totally agree, but something tells me Jules' ego got involved somewhere along the line and demands could have been made.
mmm, quite possibly. must have been coz Oaky couldnt have been that bothered coz Im sure he has more influence than jules ;)
well honestly i thought Jules played brilliant tunes when he did his show at punta es moli, great stuff there! but yeah. definately more Oakie!!! he played "Motorcycle - when the rush comes" at Cream (remember, Nish??) - excelllentttttt!!!!!!
meeee tooo, you know what! u and i= bad combo when it comes to working eachother up when theres more than a year till next time uhhhh!AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH on the verge of insanity.......
them closing parties are lookin IMMENSLY tempting! :lol:

Could just take a shit load out of the bank and not come back!

-Some lad I met at the Garlands party said he owed the bank 4,000!- And if he stayed out of the country for 3years he could get away with it (and mentioned something with keeping his national insurance number!) Dont know if he was talkin shit but sounds good to me! ;)
lol, think ur the 3rd person ive met off here. should meet more at creamfields tho :)

Definately have to make the spotlight meet next year!
yeah me too, wanna meet more poeple here.
Barbie´s gonna take me to some houseplace if i go to london this fall. hey you come to london too, we could have a blast hehe!
ye i used to goto london all the time, aint been since november tho!

Must check out Fabric's soundsystem, the end and the cross. Wasnt keen on ministry but Bab's raves about it so much so its gotta be worth checkin out. Turnmills is supposed to be class as well! :p