Why not to open a forum in Spanish? / Q tal algo en español?

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Hi folks!
I think that such an interestng forum as this one, should maybe have a section in Spanish, not only for the spanish people, but also to help to get the first touch with IBIZA for all the incomming tourists...
Keep in mind that all of us the spanish people LOVE to hear someone doing an effort with some words in our language. Spanish is currently a bit "in fashion" in Europe, so everybody can profit the FIESTA experience in IBIZA to improve the knowledge of our language...
And of course, it is quite useful for flirting with spanish girls :)

See you in IBIZA on July

Lulea in the site there is about 5 peeps talking spanish, so there wouldnt be much to say, but...in order to improve la lengua de cervantes for me its ok ;)
el_diablo is right,

there are not that many spanish people in the forum. we'll leave this thread open for a while and if a lot of people would like a spanish language forum, then no problem!
Nice idea, but have to agree 90% of the people on here won't have a clue, myself being one of them! :rolleyes: which I am ashamed to say, because I keep promising myself some spanish lessons :confused:
what language do you normally speak el diablo?

btw do your parents drive a jeep with cs plates?
stephen said:
what language do you normally speak el diablo?

btw do your parents drive a jeep with cs plates?
I normally speak spanish, and sometimes a bit of valenciano (catalan) and yes those are my parents!!!!!!!!! :oops: :D :D
i saw them at sa punta the other week and put 2 and 2 together.
there aren't that many jeeps from castellon over here!
Yes they were at sa punta, its our favourite place to eat a fideua. My fathers is every mourning at bar lovento for almuerzo, and then to the boat to cean and fix things :)
Me too. What would happen if a Spanish guy or gal who didn't know to speak English wanted to know anything about Ibiza.

We could answer him/her in Spanish, but I think it would be a little disrespectful to the English speakers who don't understand Spanish. I've already done it and felt a little awkward. :oops:
For the moderators

When I propose to open a forum in Spanish is for the moderators to maybe create something like that.
I don´t know if there is almost only english-speaking people in this forum because Ibiza is like this, or beacuse the spanish average young person don´t have a clue about english!!!

Actually, this forum seems to be made only for international tourist, and I think that we all are going to share together this summertime in IBIZA...Let´s begin in the forum
See you

hola :lol: :p ,
i think a spanish forum would be a great idea.ive been teaching myself spanish since being in ibiza last july and it would be nice to talk with spanish ibiza lovers too.
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