Whoa nelly.... Are you ready for love?

mrs. d.

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I just heard a remix of "Are You Ready for Love"... I know we've been teased with a version of that song that doesn't really sound so remixed all summer... But this version... whoa... Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
It's got a "So Much Love To Give" anthemy feel that I've been waiting for all summer...

Anyone else feel it? :p
I know -- but I've finally heard the remix remix we've been waiting for. So far we've been hearing something called a remix, which eerily sounds like the original. This new version is on.
yeah it aint nothing special way too similar to so much love to give in fact im bored off it already its played on a sky advert every day over here.
Ahhh... I see, we're not getting any of that overplay over here. Or any play of it at all! Hence my still being excited about it over here ;)
It's officially out on 25th August on Fatboy's Southern Fried Records, it's been out on vinyl a while now. It was done in 1977 during sessions for his soul album with Thom Bell (who rose to fame through his work with the OJ's, The Detroit Spinners and MFSB to name a few) at his legendary Philadelphia International Studios. The sessions were completed but only a few saw the light of day, and the latest cuts have some 1979 remixes included. There's been copies of it selling for upto $200 on eBay!!!! ;)