Who wants an Ibiza Party 26th July to 9th August?



Hi all

We're bringing decks and a small rig down to Ibiza. Has anyone got a villa and wants a party. No fees we do it for fun. Music trance/hard trance/hard house/hardcore

Get in touch if interested


Dont have to play the hardcore m8. We will play what people want :D

Its definitely of the happy variety tho

Absolutely no cheesy trance

have a good one :)

Richard :)
Let me know!

Let me know where you're playing and us party animals will come along if welcome...?!

Bit of a bugger - just got back to Rainey UK - after 3 weeks at the villa - would have been perfect!

Oh well - you not about in Sept for the Close?

By the way, hardcore has its place like the rest.....bring it on I say.. :twisted:

No not here in september.

No take up on parties yet either :(

Still having a wicked time tho how can you not in this wonderful place