Who´s Gonna Play At Gatecrasher This Year?


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checked the spotlight clubbing section, but it didnt say anywhere who´s gonna DJ at Gatecrasher this year? anyone who might know more about this? Going in August, so I wanna know for sure.
its not been confirmed yet but it could well be ferry corsten and/or armin van burren.

I hope that has pleased you as we all no Ibiza-girlie loves her trance hehehe!!!
HAHA!!! Yeps, Robo - you got that right! i´m gonna be the first one there to wave my hands in the air and sing along! lalalalalaaaahhhh!!!! hihi ;) :p :twisted:
We went out and got shagged . Ha ha ha. Woops..
ferry corstenette
Shit. forgot the hubby loves him.
standing in line to see the show tonight theres a light on, heavy glow!
dont want to put a dampener on it but ferry corstan is shit! :eek: evry time i seen him lately he been poor. is he ever going to stop playing punk? i went to creamfields he played 2 mixes of punk back to back made it last 20mins

dont get me wrong ive seen him and loved him. it just the last few times i seen him he not been good at all. lets hope he gets great again
he IS good, I heard him at Judgement Sunday Closing Party last year, excellent the crowd went mad - he´s also visited DK a few times, and coming back on the 28th of May - cant wait!
Robo said:
its not been confirmed yet but it could well be armin van burren.

I heard Armin Van B spin once at 'We Love Trance' in Amsterdam -- it was a very uplifting and fun party :)
AVB has just announced on Seb Fontaine's Radio 1 show that he will be resident at Gatecrasher @ Amnesia on Tuesdays this summer.

i was on the tidy trax message bourd and tidy are also doing club nites with gatecrasher
I think that confirms that, some weeks at least, the amnesia terrace will be hard-house. Oh Dear

Nevermind, I will be at Garlands

:D i cant wait untill tidy take over with gatecrasher i think that it will be mental some music for the harder genaration
I thought Tidy were doing something with someone else :confused:

I have seen Armin and Ferry on the same nights about 4 times in the last 6 months and they've both been superb every time, sometimes I've prefered Armin, sometimes Ferry but they've both given me faith that good trance is still out there :)

I wish they'd announce the line-ups !!!!