Who Da Funk


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Am listening to the Who Da Funk cd (Subliminal4)

This guy is sooo good. Heard him at Pacha last year and he was about the best warm-up ive ever heard. Driving, spacey, techno tinged, electro fired sexy house. It's got it all :D
Class rusty, had it on this weekend....my mates were luvin' it. One of the oddest House Cd's I've heard but somehow it works. :)
its hard to imagine that the same people who mixed Sub 4 could be responsible for sdb. Quite dark and electronic but i like it. It is a wee bit different from some of the more recent sub mixes that have been coming out. Had to listen to it for a few times but now i really like it. :D :D
never like SDB but was into Sting Me Red I think theres a good remix out now they play it @ my gym its hot