Which is the best sunset bar?

i'm going to throw the cat amongst the pigeons and vote for sa flama. whoops you haven't included it.
oh well.


awkward? moi.

no just trying to say there's more to ibiza than dj mag's famous five. there's loads and loads of things to do that aren't the same old tired things i read there and here.

But in that picture the "a" looks like a swastika. I'm assuming it's not a hotbed of facist thinking as the sun goes down.

Is it much further round the bay?
it was briefly known as pacha playa.
it's farther than bar m but not as far as kumharas.

hope this helps

the best used to be cafe del mar of course,....but since the invasion there its kumharas!!....and im exited to see kumharas concept!!!
i still have a "cassette tape" (a primitive form of recording media) handed to me by jose padilla in exchange for 500pts, purporting to be music from the cafe del mar. do you think it could be worth as much as my original copy of Frank Wilson's Do i love you?

DJ Biff said:
in exchange for 500pts

those were the days - when bartering was the accepted way of life. that was probably before san antonio was built? probably worth a mint now!

back on the plot - kumharas has to be mine, although i do love the original cafe del mar in may and october when mambo and co aren't quite so brash. but i also love pete gooding at mambo - he rocks
i personally haven't been to the concept but my pal stefano (of the kiosko in cala de bou) was had goose bumps when reporting this french goa trance band that had been playing live that evening.
btw if you've never been to the kiosko i recommend it - it's my local!

dj biff
I know the kiosko very well!...and I like this place very much,...I go there often on my way home, if its not to late ;) ,...to port des torrent.
that must be highlight drive - i heard them in las dalias live once - i know exactly what your friend stefano means :):)

if i can drag myself away from the computer (GEEK) i ought to get down there.

don't know if there are any other young parents here, but trying to go down kumharas for a sunset beer with the whole family takes longer to plan than an everest expedition, and you need more stuff to boot. we've been rather home bound this summer ;)
i have exactly the same problems with the dog - which collar to wear - as if it matters - this is ibiza!


btw the cat fell off the balcony this morning - she's ok now though, the floor broke her fall.

Bar KANYA with its cousy pool is very nice one, and its not so busy as "POP" ones, coz is further to north from them.....
Cafe Del Mar. Solely for the music and when it's a perfect sunset.

Jose Padilla days were magical. I have seen it go from lots of people, to a few people, back to lots of people again. Full circle. They still need to invest a bit of cash in it though.