which is going to be more pro-dominate this year



which style of music is going to be the best.

is more likly to trance, house or even techo?
as living in london. unless you going looking for it the main stream is garage. so i don't know what to expect this year.
good question!!
it will always be the predominant 4:4 house beat, but i do hope a bit of breaks emerge.

But i think that electro style house will grow this year.
or dirty funky stylee house will be bigger than ever..
Have to agree with Robo. If u look at the UK club scene at the mo dirty,funky elctro house is on the up. Check out the Subliminal sound if u wonder wot i'm on about. Subliminal Sessions 4 has just been released and I predict it will epitomise the sound of the forthcoming summer. But the beauty of Ibiza is whatever you want to listen to and dance u can always find somewhere on the island.