Which DJ's lose it and join in.?


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Heres one......Been to ibiza a few times but never really seen a DJ go right nutty when he sticks a big tune on.....then again i have seen them all.......I heard morillo gets stuck in......anyone else? :?:
havent seen em all.........damn I never check my grammer for good englund....... :oops:
Jacques Le Cont always gets into the music and starts dancing-as does Lottie and can that girl move!
the nutters

alex p and branden block, slipmatt, the cuban brothers are worth checking out toy " 1st king of the jungle" blackbrun did a couple of sessions ago.
Erick, Jon (fit as ;) ) Carter and Fatboy are the main ones who really get into and start throwing a few moves in the DJ booth.
Eddie H :) First night out in Ibiza n Eddie Halliwell was banging the f*** out of Eden and he got up and stood on the table thing the decks are on. So funny :)