Where to go in Europe for Music in "Off Season"?


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Question - not going to Ibiza this summer :)cry:) but have afforded enough frequent flyer miles for a trip to somewhere in Europe in off season (October - May according to American Airlines). I would love to go to a big trance festival of some sort but am not too familiar with dates/places.... any suggestions? Sensation would have been cool, but I don't believe this event happens anywhere during these months, right?


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trance energy is just happening today, you might have liked this.
else, mayday is at the end of april.
and at the end of oct there's always the ADE, amsterdam dance event.


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Amsterdam Dance Event is Oct 20-23rd.

I went last year, there were plenty of events and headliners. So many shows and artist to choose from. Had a great time, it was an awesome scene. Hit Jimmy Woo's or Escape if you go.


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Thanks everyone for the advice! I think the Amsterdam one in Oct sounds real good, I am going to research that one. Plus, I've only been to Amsterdam once and that was when I was 16 and with my parents, not too cool....I think I'm overdue for a return trip. 8) Trance Energy would have been awesome for today so I will keep that on the radar for next year.