Where to find TRANCE (Ibiza 12th - 19th August)



Hi Boys and Girls!

I'm coming to Ibiza on the week 12th - 19th August, and I would like to know which clubs to go during that week.

I'm looking for clubs that feature TRANCE music, much like what is played by Paul Van Dyk / Paul Oakenfold / etc. (see www.tranceaddict.com/livesets.shtml)

Of course that Thursday 14th will be at Cream-Amnesia, but what about the other nights?



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Tuesday you have gallery at Eden
Friday and sunday at Privlidge are trance

also eurphoria and lashed are hardhouse/trance nights


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check out cream for the best! its at Amnesia, you might wanna try some trancey stuff at Eden on Judgement Sundays, at San An. local clubs, play2 plays a lot of excellent stuff enen though that place is a dump!